• Complete technological lines and rolling mills for longitudinal, cross-wedge and skew rolling
  • CNC rolling mills (numerically controlled) for the production of solid and hollow stepped shafts – NEW on the Market
construction of technological lines for forging rolling

Other services

Our machine park and experienced staff allow us to offer you the highest quality of services and at the same time we can be helpful in solving any construction and technological problems while working on prototypes of machine parts or complete devices.

We provide services in the field of machining materials using conventional and numerically controlled machine tools. We use advanced CNC numerical technologies and the latest machining tools. We use professional welding equipment and machines for plastic forming. The team of engineers and managers is characterized by high professionalism, extensive experience and responsibility for the entrusted projects.

The scope of our services of cutting, bending and welding as well as powder coating of steel and aluminum includes:

  • cutting services: using band or circular saws, laser beam cutting, plasma cutting, hydroabrasive cutting, oxy-acetylene cutting;
  • bending services on numerically controlled hydraulic presses with max. length 3000 mm and pressure 250 tons;
  • welding of metals using MIG, MAG, TIG methods, coated electrode, oxy-acetylene technique;
  • powder coating of machine parts and structures;
  • service of applying galvanic coatings and surface passivation of SurTec 650 aluminum alloys;

In terms of design, we perform:

  • prototypes of machine and device parts in accordance with the contractor’s documentation;
  • comprehensive prototype designs based on the required parameters specified by the contractor, including FEM strength calculations.